Activity Plans                                   


1.Mass meeting of Japan Manner Meister Academy

Mass meeting of Manner competition once a year
 ・ Presentation of members` research
  The 4rd round in November 11th of 2016 at Gakushuin University 
  The 3rd round in December 5th of 2015 at Gakushuin Women`s University 
  The 2nd round in October 25th/26th of 2014 at Women`s University
  The 1st round in December 7th/8th of 2013 at Economy Dept of Nihon University

2.Study party of the Manner Club

  Establishment and promotion of Manner Club Society and support of students   who are troubled in the manner
  ① License examination of Manner (with a charge)
  ② Lecture for the above examination (with a charge)

3.Series of the Manner Society

  1. Society of Japanese Customs Research
    Society of the theoretical systematization of Japanese customs and Reigi-Sahou
    ●Customs of Reigi-Sahou
    ●Document research of Emon-do
    ●Transition of the twenty-four seasons of the year
    ●Customs of congratulation or condolence, and ceremonial occasions
    ●Customs of the tea ceremony (Sado) and the flower arrangement (Kado)

  2. Society of Manner/Etiquette Research
    ●Research of the international theory and practice
    ●Research and systematization of Manner in the international society
  3. Society of Business Manner-do, protocol Research
    ●Research of the connection between Reigi-Sahou and Business Manner
    ●The way of “Business-do” in the current business world
    ●“Business-do” and protocol
    ●Support of young researchers, young men of business, and students from abroad


  4. Society of Infrastructure Research surrounding Manner, Parents and Children`s Manner
    ●Suggestion by research for promotion of manner and systems by integrated with Industry, Government, and educational institutes Each of industrial world, government and public offices, and educational institutes researches what kind of duties they need to achieve, and how they integrate to make manner education promoted.


4.Volunteers in a district, internship at companies

  1. Members of Manner Club in the academy or students who obtained the license of Manner are sent as volunteers to kindergartens or elementary schools, and practice a lecture of Reigi-Sahou (manner) to parents.
  2. Dispatch of a qualified person who completed the practice of the voluntary lecture to companies as an internship and obtain how much the qualified person has mastered already required manner as the society members. A qualified person realizes how the carried manner should be useful in the society.



5.Promotion for understanding and experience of the manner in the different culture

Nowadays advocating globalization, it is required to understand any different cultures and to carry the practice ability. It is promoted to understand any difference how to communicate, lady-first, personal space, or any difference of public morals or customs about taboo or gesture and so on. It is to bear avoiding any mismatch.

6.Promotion Activities

  1. Practice of a lecture “Business-do/Reigi-Sahou” (Manner/Etiquette)
    Sponsor:Japanese Manner Meister Academy
    Supporter:Traditional Japanese Culture Manner Meister Association
  2. Practice of Manner Examination (with a measure for the examination)
  3. Hold a Japanese Manner competition
    Since 2014, presents a written recognition and a prize
    i. Prize Merit prize
                Honored prize by the representative (the house of Shijo)
                Honored prize by the chairman of the Academy
                Prize by the chairman of the Academy
                Prize by the chairman of board members
    ii. Extra prize

7.Academy Articles    (Once a year)

Issue “Academy Articles” which is edited by a selected dissertation and the academy members` publication.

8.Academy News    (Twice a year, June and December)

News about activities of the Academy