In Japan, we have entered in the age of “paradigm shift” which is searching what a human reality or livelihood is, or which is seeking for a humankind and a blessed mentality, instead of the age of heading for establishment of plentiful country by economic development.
We have “Reigi-Sahou” (Omotenashi) that is different from overseas countries. In the West, it is called “Manner, Etiquette”.
It must be carried as a humanhood. In the past, people in Japan had leant “Reigi-Sahou”first before learning acknowledgement.
Now, such a spirit is definitely required in Japan because of globalized society. It is an acknowledgement and tradition which is forming the core of “Reigi-Sahou”and a home discipline. In other word, it is a Reigi-Sahou “Manner Administration”. We believe it is time now that we should expand such an importance not only Japan but overseas and therefore we do appeal to join in Japanese Manner Meister Academy.

Japanese Manner Meister Academy The chairman of the board directors